Get your 2020 pictorial calendar now!

UPDATE: All of my 2020 calendars have been sold, and no more are available. Thanks to those who supported this project and placed their orders early. –Duane

My new 2020 calendar has just arrived and you can get your copy now.

Each month features a full-page, colorful photo I took here in the Greater Kansas City area. The pictures include scenic landscapes, city skylines, historic landmarks, seasonal colors, and the natural beauty you’d expect to find here in the Midwest.

The calendars will make an impressive addition to your office or home. They have also been popular holiday gifts for family members, college students away from home, friends, and business contacts.

Reasonably priced at $23, each calendar can be shipped anywhere in the United States for an additional $5 to cover postage and related mailing expenses.

To order, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on this PayPal link: 2020 Pictorial Calendar. You may also use Facebook Messenger if that is more convenient.
  2. Then email your postal address to me at so I can get your calendar in the mail to you right away.

Soon 2020 will be here. Order your calendar now and enjoy the beauty of Kansas City throughout the coming year.

Thank you!

The format of the large, monthly calendar allows you to mark birthdays, remember anniversaries, plan vacations, and schedule other important events.



3 Responses to Get your 2020 pictorial calendar now!

  1. Kristin Magette says:

    Just ordered mine as a gift for my parents — I’m excited! (And currently hoping they don’t see this comment before Christmas. Ha!)

    • Duane Hallock says:

      Thank you, Kristin. I’ll get the calendar in the mail to you right away. Hopefully, your parents won’t see this blog post.

      • Kristin Magette says:

        Highly unlikely — and the worst case scenario is that they see it and get too excited to wait and I have to give it to them early. 😉

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