Marketing and Strategy

I‘m not wired to begin working on a project at a tactical level. To do my work effectively, I must see the big picture. I like to understand how all the pieces fit together. I need to be guided by vision and strategy.

Marketing practitioners always experience a strong gravitational pull towards tactics. Often the urgency of doing something—anything—drags us away from a more thoughtful approach to being strategic and doing marketing right.

In these blog posts I challenge myself and others to be strategic and to think before doing.

  1. Three Things I Learned from Teaching Marketing
  2. 10 Things I’ve Observed about Vision and Strategy
  3. 10 Things I’ve Discovered about Marketing
  4. Raising Awareness Is Not a Marketing Goal
  5. Why Are You Telling Me This?
  6. Why Do We Need a Marketing Department?
  7. How Does Marketing Do It?
  8. The Difference between Mission and Vision
  9. Would You Rather Be Creative or Innovative?
  10. 10 Things Marketing Is NOT
  11. 10 Reasons NOT to Launch a Marketing Campaign
  12. There Is No Such Thing as the “General Public”
  13. Three Reasons Why I Write News Releases
  14. Two Guys Giving Birth to a Communications Plan
  15. My Mission as a Red Cross Communicator
  16. The Impact We Have Red Cross Communicators
  17. When Does a Cliche Become a Cliche?



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