Social Media Strategy

In recent years we’ve heard a lot of talk about social media. In my opinion, too much attention has focused on tools, tactics and technology. Social media should be driven by strategy. Too many people learn how to tweet without understanding why they are even using Twitter in the first place.

Too often 2.0 tools are used to implement old school, 1.0 tactics. What’s usually missing is the social part. One way to determine if you’re using social media tools in a social way by asking a simple question—Are we having conversations? It’s pretty simple. If you’re not conversing, interacting and engaging, then you’re just playing around with technology.

Here are several blog posts where I share my observations on social media.

  1. Three Premises for Effective Social Engagement
  2. What Is 2.0? A New Era Defined
  3. How to Think Strategically in a 2.0 World
  4. Why Not Differentiate Yourself Using Facebook?
  5. How Soon Will You Be Obsolete?
  6. How to Handle a Negative Comment in Social Media
  7. Are You Too Boring To Be on Facebook?
  8. Social Media Plan – Business
  9. Social Media Plan – Personal
  10. Why the Red Cross Launched a Facebook Page
  11. 20 Years Since Going Digital
  12. What We Have Here Is a Failure to Converse



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