Marketing Tips for Job Seekers

Everyone approaches a career transition differently. When I lost my job as a marketing professional, I looked at my job search as a marketing opportunity.

I recalled something my university professor told a small group of us working on our master’s degree in marketing. “You will never market anything more important than yourself,” he said.

As I navigated my career transition, I decided to apply my marketing skills to the job search. In the process, I became a better marketer and soon found a great job in marketing.

I have since shared what I learned with hundreds of other job seekers. I have also written a series of blog posts on the topic, hoping that someone floundering in a job search might gain traction by customizing these marketing ideas to his or her unique situation.

  1. 10 Marketing Tips for an Effective Job Search
  2. Three Things to Say When You’re Networking
  3. Three Things to Ask for When Networking
  4. Be Interested, Not Interesting
  5. Seven Tips on How To Be Interested
  6. Outtakes from a Recruiting Process
  7. A Hiring Manager’s Reflections on a Successful Recruiting Process
  8. What They Did Right BEFORE the Interview
  9. What They Did Right DURING the Interview
  10. What They Did Right AFTER the Interview
  11. Four Thank You Notes that Fizzled, One that Sizzled
  12. Why Not Differentiate Yourself Using Facebook?
  13. Effectively Selling Yourself in a Job Search
  14. Things I’ll Look for When Selecting the Next Member of My Marketing Team
  15. Finding Meaning in a Job Search
  16. The Hidden Value of Job Hunting During the Holidays
  17. 10 Tips for Interviewing Success
  18. How to Succeed in the First 90 Days
  19. Questions to Ask During a Job Search

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