Life in the Nonprofit World

I am proud to have spent my entire career working in hospitals, universities, human services agencies and various nonprofit organizations. In the following blog posts I share some of my thoughts about life within the wonderful world of nonprofits.

Just so you know, I work at the American Red Cross as a communications professional. Sometimes my job requires me to serve as a public spokesperson for the organization. This is a personal blog, however, and the opinions I share here are exclusively mine and not necessarily those of my employer.

  1. What Our Public Affairs Team Did in New York
  2. Miracle on 49th Street
  3. Stories from Joplin
  4. Helping People Help
  5. When the Emperor Has No Clothes
  6. Why I Hate Committees (But Love Task Forces)
  7. When Fundraising Becomes Begging
  8. I Hate Fundraising When…
  9. Please, Not Another Fundraising Campaign!
  10. The Difference between Mission and Vision
  11. What to Do When United Way Moves Your Cheese
  12. Two Guys Giving Birth to a Communications Plan
  13. My Mission as a Red Cross Communicator
  14. The Impact We Have Red Cross Communicators
  15. Marketing Manifesto I – Individual Responsibility
  16. Marketing Manifesto II – Team Performance
  17. My Week In Greensburg after the Deadly Tornado
  18. Career Transition, Blog Posts and a Presidential Hug



2 Responses to Life in the Nonprofit World

  1. Himanchan says:

    I started following you on instagram and just had to check your blog! It is so inspiring. Thank you!

    • Duane Hallock says:

      Thank you. I just started following you on Instagram, too. Glad I found your gallery there. Thanks for your comment here.

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