Three Things to Say When You’re Networking

When you’re looking for a job, everyone tells you to network.

Network! Network! Network!

That’s great advice, but it can be quite overwhelming and even intimidating.

A while back I was meeting with a young woman looking for her first job out of college. When I emphasized the importance of networking she said, “Everyone tells me to do that, but when I’m meeting with someone I don’t know what to say.”

I appreciated her candor, so I spent extra time helping her develop a networking agenda. After filtering out the noise and distractions, we realized there were only three things she needed to say in a face-to-face networking meeting. Likewise, your networking agenda can be as simple as these three items:

  1. Here’s who I am. Briefly describe yourself professionally.
  2. Here’s where I’m going. Describe your ideal job so the other person can visualize you being successful in the next phase of your career.
  3. Here’s how you can help. People want to help but usually they don’t know how. Give them a few simple things to do.

Organizing a networking meeting around these three points will give you the confidence you need to succeed.

As you move forward in your job search , you’ll also be making new friends and expanding your network of professional contacts.

One Response to Three Things to Say When You’re Networking

  1. Almitra Buzan says:

    I appreciate the simplicity in this advice. It makes it easy to get your brain around and remember!

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