A Manifesto for Individual Responsibility

Every member of a team must make a unique, individual contribution to the team’s success. I want to be surrounded by people who don’t make excuses, assume individual responsibility and work towards the greater good of the team.

With a commitment to individual responsibility, empowerment and performance, I invite you to join me in believing and internalizing the following affirmations:

  1. I see the big picture.
  2. I see how the individual pieces fit together, and I understand the importance of my unique role.
  3. I prioritize my work and spend considerable time working on projects that are important but not urgent. Because of this, I am proactive and in control of my projects, my career and my life.
  4. I think strategically before acting tactically.
  5. Functioning as a marketing consultant, I ask affirming, empowering questions of myself and others.
  6. I approach consulting projects in a collaborative manner, finding ways to say “yes” and thereby facilitating the success of others.
  7. I own and manage important projects where I assume the entire responsibility for the planning, production and evaluation of my projects.
  8. I am a collaborative team player, contributing my energy and expertise to those projects managed by others.
  9. Knowing that the status quo often leads to obsolescence, I have a deep desire to learn, to create and to explore. I seek innovation and welcome change.
  10. I do work that really matters. I make a difference.



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