Day 28 – Study Areas

Create a learning plan for topics I want to understand better.

I hope to always approach life with an inquisitive, childlike sense of curiosity. I also want to be a life-long learner, never ceasing to explore the intriguing world in which I live.

Frequently I’ll encounter a word, a phrase or a topic I’m not familiar with. I try to capture those learning opportunities by sending myself a note on my smart phone or by jotting down a question in a notebook I usually carry with me. Later, I will Google the topic and explore the subject to whatever depth my time and curiosity permit.

I work at the American Red Cross, a complex, multi-faceted organization. Within that maze, I deliberately look for programs or services I want to understand better. I then set aside time to research those programs so I can be conversant on the topic.

Learning is something I inherently value, and I can usually rejuvenate myself by embarking on a my own customized journey of discovery.

This idea was originally created as part of the Rejuvenation Project, a month-long challenge to find one actionable idea per day that could help me to 1) keep my batteries charged, 2) remain focused on career priorities and 3) rejuvenate the creative spirit.

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