Chandra Clark — Why I Have Chosen a Career in the Nonprofit World

Chandra Clark

Guest Post by Chandra Clark

I have chosen to pursue a career in the nonprofit world because I am passionate about transforming lives. It’s my heart’s desire to lead a successful faith-based nonprofit organization specifically designed for children and young women. My passion is best described in poetic form:


I am from brokenness, rejection and fear

I am from slander, gossip and malice

I am from broken virginity, broken vows and a broken heart

I am from “I love you” only to find that it wasn’t love at all

I am from a tarnished body image and a façade to protect the wounds

I am from vanity used as a replacement for a lost identity

I am from father wounds that run deep to the core of the soul

I am from a defrauded and defiled temple

I am from “that girl is crazy, she got issues, what’s her problem”

I am from self-hatred, humiliation, false guilt and shame

I am from “somebody, anybody, say that you love me and mean it”

I am from “I wish that I was her because it is too painful to be me”

I am from the pit of despair, devastation and darkness

I am from death

I am from resurrection, regeneration and restoration

I am from renewal and redemption

I am from the promise of never being left or forsaken

I am from unconditional love and immeasurable grace

I am from a firm foundation that can never be broken

I am from “rest in me and trust that I will make you whole”

I am from restored virginity and a mindset of moral purity

I am from forgiveness and healing

I am from beautiful black and yellow butterflies

I am from vibrant rainbows and sunny skies

I am from orchids, daisies and lilies

I am from new beginnings

I am from life and love

I am from an inner beauty that only the Messiah brings

I am in Christ!

© Chandra Clark (2010)

Chandra Clark founded M.O.D.E.L. Ministries, a nonprofit organization committed to educating, encouraging and empowering young women to live passionately and virtuously for Christ. She is pursuing a master’s degree in education at Rockhurst University while also earning her Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership. Her volunteer experience includes Kansas City House of Hope and Reach Out and Read. Chandra is the the proud mother of Jada, her nine-year-old daughter. “Motherhood is teaching me to be intentional about enjoying each day,” she says.

Duane’s postscript: The idea for using guest bloggers came last month when I spoke at a university class of young people preparing for careers in the nonprofit sector. I offered each student the opportunity to share why he or she had chosen to pursue a career in the nonprofit world. Read more here:  Introducing Student Guest Bloggers.


2 Responses to Chandra Clark — Why I Have Chosen a Career in the Nonprofit World

  1. Britney Bass says:

    Serving others reminds me of how gracious God’s mercy is. I feel like it is the opportunity to do God’s work. The fact that God finds me worthy enough to do His work makes me want to leap for joy. Even though He really does not need me, He chose me to take care of His people. For me, serving is a small act of faith. Although I could never show God how much I appreciate all that He has done, serving allows me try. The nonprofit sector is the perfect place for me to serve others. That is why I have chosen to go into the field of nonprofit work. At the root of every nonprofit is the ability to serve. I want gain knowledge and understanding of how I may further serve others in the community.

    • Duane Hallock says:

      Britney, thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is obvious that you have a love for God and for others. I am impressed with your commitment to service. As a student at Rockhurst, you are preparing yourself for whatever God has in store for you and your career. Don’t lose sight of your goals.

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