Day 12 – Scheduled Downtime

Schedule downtime to foster creativity, incubate ideas and reflect on life’s priorities.

Everyone needs a sabbatical, a scheduled downtime to recharge batteries and regain a sense of balance.

I try to protect a few minutes each day, a day every week and several days a year for the rich experience of withdrawing from the usual routine of my busy, fast-paced life. For me, Saturdays are a change of pace, a time to let go of the urgency of the week, a time to read inspirational literature and perhaps to write in my journal. This is a time to nurture my creative spirit and to deepen my spiritual roots.

Paradoxically, being away from work for brief periods of time actually helps me to be more productive when I return to work.

This idea was originally created as part of the Rejuvenation Project, a month-long challenge to find one actionable idea per day that could help me to 1) keep my batteries charged, 2) remain focused on career priorities and 3) rejuvenate the creative spirit.

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