Day 20 – Case for Support

Explain to a potential donor the value of making an investment in human services.

They say the best way to learn is to teach. Likewise, one of the best ways to remain passionate about a cause or an organization is to explain to someone how he or she can make a positive impact with a generous contribution.

A good marketer or fundraiser will differentiate giving opportunities. It’s not enough for us to to say, “We do good things are therefore worthy of contributions.”

Instead, we must build a compelling and differentiating case for support that says, “We are the best investment in the the things you care about, and here are the reasons why.” A good story can then bring to life that case for support.

Cotton candy communications won’t work. Fluff won’t make the sale. Only a solid product or service, combined with substantive communications and creative packaging, will attract donors.

Doing the work necessary to attract others to support a worthy cause can, in and of itself, be very rejuvenating.

This idea was originally created as part of the Rejuvenation Project, a month-long challenge to find one actionable idea per day that could help me to 1) keep my batteries charged, 2) remain focused on career priorities and 3) rejuvenate the creative spirit.

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