Day 19 – Success Stories

Tell success stories of real people who have been helped.

Nothing beats a good story, especially one that tells of the unfolding human drama of someone going from despair to hope.

At the American Red Cross, we are daily surrounded by such stories of people who who have been helped. These are dramatic, compelling tales of human achievement. These are people who, after receiving our help, went on to overcome significant adversity. These stories are worthy of a Hollywood script.

The difficulty is finding, honing, collecting, organizing and telling those stories. My job as a communicator, though, is to overcome those difficulties. After all, there is no better way to describe the impact we have than to tell a story of someone who relied upon our organization at a time where there was no other source of relief or help.

Two distinct outcomes of our telling good stories are:

  1. People will better understand how the Red Cross can help them when they themselves are in need of help.
  2. People will see opportunities to reach out an help others by giving of their money, time or expertise.

This idea was originally created as part of the Rejuvenation Project, a month-long challenge to find one actionable idea per day that could help me to 1) keep my batteries charged, 2) remain focused on career priorities and 3) rejuvenate the creative spirit.

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