My Manifestos

A manifesto is a written declaration of actionable beliefs. Typically, these are truths one holds to be self-evident.

In reality, my manifestos represent my collection of philosophies, beliefs and principles. These help me to navigate through unknown territory or unchartered waters.

I tend to be skeptical of those who think they’ve attained a higher level of enlightenment. Andre Gide, the French author, once said, “Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.”

With that in mind, I offer my ideas in humility, reserving the right to revise these manifestos as my journey of discovery continues.

1. A Manifesto for Marketing Success

2. A Manifesto for Being Visionary and Strategic

3. A Manifesto for Individual Responsibility

4. A Manifesto for Team Performance

5. A Manifesto for Life Success


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