The Rejuvenation Project

Admit it. From time to time we all need to recharge our batteries. We need to regain momentum. We need to rejuvenate ourselves.

Recently over a cup of coffee, a friend confided that his career was losing momentum. He feared he’d lost his creative touch and he no longer felt a passion to excel.

As our conversation progressed, we began brainstorming ideas to help him get back on track. I suggested that during the coming month he identify one action per day month that might help him to rejuvenate his stalled career. After mulling the merits, he accepted the challenge. He then turned the tables on me, inviting me to create my own list. Without much hesitation, I accepted.

During the next month I listed 31 ideas that I might use to rejuvenate myself, to nurture my creative spirit and to remain focused on career priorities.

At the end of the month my friend and I were both rejuvenated. We had found new energy. He shared his list and asked if I would share mine. Though my ideas were written for my own private use, I found the process to be so invigorating that I willingly shared.

I then began thinking that others might find inspiration for adapting a similar process to their own specific circumstances. So, I am posting a list of 31 ideas of things I’m actually doing to improve my performance as a marketing leader. Though these ideas were written from my perspective as a marketing professional within the American Red Cross, my hope is that these posts can be adapted by anyone who feels the need for rejuvenation.

Ideas for Rejuvenation

  1. Review the mission statement of the marketing department.
  2. Review my personal mission statement.
  3. Update the job description of each marketing team member.
  4. List my 10 most important projects for the coming month.
  5. Select a key project for in-depth planning.
  6. Begin each morning with a list of my three most important tasks.
  7. Read a provocative, cutting-edge book on marketing.
  8. Read the blogs of “tribal leaders” and join their conversations.
  9. Define what success looks like to me, to my boss and to others.
  10. Profile my key clients and define their expectations.
  11. List my key accomplishments and evaluate marketing’s impact.
  12. Schedule downtime to foster creativity, incubate ideas and reflect on life’s priorities.
  13. List three things I’ve added to my resume this past year.
  14. Tap into the creativity and wisdom of local marketing professionals.
  15. Identify marketing peers at other Red Cross chapters.
  16. Engage in interactive conversations with my national leaders.
  17. Review our key marketing messages.
  18. Profile our competitors and define our key points of differentiation.
  19. Tell success stories of real people who have been helped.
  20. Explain to a potential donor the value of making an investment in human services.
  21. Write a communications plan to move donors along the relationship continuum.
  22. Differentiate marketing’s unique role from that of fundraising.
  23. Define what would be lost without a marketing program.
  24. Develop a social media plan that integrates new and traditional media.
  25. Define how social media can help me to blend the personal and professional facets of my life.
  26. Explain to a young person the benefits of pursuing a career in nonprofit marketing.
  27. Tell the story of a time when I overcame a major life obstacle or career challenge.
  28. Create a learning plan for topics I want to understand better.
  29. Set aside to do work that is important but not urgent.
  30. Ask empowering questions of myself and others.
  31. Mentor a young marketing professional.

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